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Cortina: The Story of Ford's Best Seller

1998, Graham Robson. Hardcover. US$32.95
Newly released!

Ford Escort and Cortina: Guide to Purchase and D.I.Y. Restoration - All Mk I and Mk II Models
1987, Kim Henson. Hardcover, 367 pages. US$32.95
See reviews below.

Lotus Twin-Cam Engine: A Comprehensive Guide to the Design, Development, Restoration and Maintenance of the Lotus-Ford Twin-Cam Engine
1996, Miles Wilkens. Hardcover, 223 pages. US$39.95
See review below.

Essential Ford Capri: The Cars and Their Story 1969-87
1998, Chris Rees. Softcover, 80 pages. US$14.95

Lotus Elan: The Complete Story
1996, Mike Taylor. Softcover, 208 pages. US$24.95

A-Z of Works Rally Cars: From the 1940s to the 1990s
1994, Graham Robson. Hardcover. US$32.95

Cars in the UK: A Survey of All British-Built and Officially Imported Cars Available in the United Kingdom Since 1945: 1945 to 1970 (Volume 1)
1996, Graham Robson. Hardcover, 224 pages. $US34.95


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Glenn Wallace
has suffered having his wife "look funny at me" to compile this very useful list of Cortina-related books for the site. A lot of these are out of print, so please don't ask Glenn or myself about where to get these (we wouldn't have any more clue than you do), but do feel free to suggest additions to the list.

More information on Cortina books (including some scans of the front covers) can be found at:

Format is:

Year, Publisher, ISBN

Contributors are:
GW - Glenn Wallace
BP - Bruce Phillips (CMOOC member)
RG - Richard Gibson
JM - James Murray
AH - Andrew Hardie

Restoring Small Fords
Tommy Sandham
1991, Willow Publishing (Magor), 0-9512523-6-4 (paperback)
Designed to help along those restoring Prefects, Anglias, Corsairs, Classics, Capris and especially Cortinas. This book has a nice homespun quality about it. The down side of this is some fuzzy pictures, but it is also written in a very personable style. Have you ever followed the steps in a manual and wondered whether you were having trouble because of yourself, the book or the parts? Tommy tells you which bits are going to be difficult. It's like having the knowledgeable friend working with you, so it's great for the non-expert. Particularly comprehensive on bodywork.

Ford Cortina Mk 1 [1962-66, 1200, 1500, GT, Lotus]
Jonathan Wood

1994, Willow Publishing & Tommy Sandham, 0-9512523-8-0
Softbound reprint of the original Osprey Wood book. Good Mk.I coverage.

Ford Cortina 1600E Super Profile
Graham Robson
1984, Haynes, 0-85429-310-8
Good collection of 1600E articles.

Lotus Twin-Cam Engine (2nd Ed)
Miles Wilkins
1996, Osprey, 1-85532-645-0
Definitive book on twin cam engine history and rebuild. Expensive but worth it.

Autobook 900 - Cortina Owners Workshop Manual (1967-1968)
Philip H Smith
1968-74, Autopress Ltd, 0-85147-142-0
Good condensed coverage of Mk.II series 1 including GT & Lotus; uses Ford drawings. Another book covers 1969-70. I always use it as a 'no nonsense' reference.

Ford Competition Cars [The Ford Motor Company in competition, Boreham, Cologne & Dearborn]
Michael Frostick & Barrie Gill
1976, Haynes, 0-85429-170-9
Has a small bit on Mk.I & II but overall a great read - hard to find now.

Cortina 1600E & GT [1967-1970]
Compiled by R M Clarke
?, Brooklands Books, 0-946-489-114
Big collection of road tests from UK, Australia and USA. One of my favorites as it captures the flavor of the cars when they were released.

Lotus Cortina [1963-1970]
Compiled by R M Clarke
?, Brooklands Books, 0-907-073-743
Big collection of road tests from UK, Australia and USA. One of my favorites. Covers Mk.I & II.
This is a collection of articles taken from various magazines from around the world, ranging from road tests (past and present) to rally reviews. Because this book is made up of so many different articles you may find that some of the information is repeated, but on the plus side there are some great photos of the cars. The book includes a few pages on the standard and GT Cortinas as well as showing a few of the cars that were around at the time. I must warn you that some of the articles will make you weep with despair, such as one person buying a Lotus-Cortina for the equivalent of A$200. All in all I must say this book is quite good, especially if you are a twin-cam fan.

Lotus: The Elan, Cortina and Europa
Newton & Psulkowski
1986, TAB Books (Blue Ridge Summit, PA), 0-8306-2106-7
TAB Books Inc. Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214
This book has a very good overview of the Lotus-Cortina with a very personal type of writing style. Very warm and fun to read. Ray Psulkowski also runs RD Enterprises, a Lotus parts shop. He is one of the top notch people for getting parts and free information. I recommend this book. I don't know the availability of it though.


Classic and Sportscar: Ford File [The Sporting Escorts, Cortinas and Capris]
Graham Robson
1987, Hamlyn, 0-600-55209-8
Has some great colour Lotus Cortina photos.

Cortina Parts List 1962/66
Ford Motor Company UK
Great reference for Mk.I cars worldwide including GT & Lotus. Excellent drawings.

Cortina Model 'C' Master Parts and Illustrations Catalog
Ford Motor Company USA
Covers US LHD Mk.II cars including GT.

Rebuilding and Tuning Ford's Kent Crossflow Engine
Peter and Valerie Wallage
1996, Haynes, 1-85010-938-9
Sounds better than it is. Lacks the depth and data on all the varieties of the engine. Doesn't cover earlier DFE or DFM carbs. It compares poorly to, say, the Vizard book on 2.0 Pinto engine rebuilding. That said, it is one of the few standalone Kent references.

High Performance Cortina Lotus Workshop Manual 1969
Ford of Britain
?, Brooklands Books, 1-85520-146-1
Reprint of the Ford Lotus Cortina workshop manual. Does actually cover the 67-68 cars (i.e. the three rail transmission) too. Most pages are reprinted two to a page, sideways.

The Sporting Fords Volume 1: Cortinas [Mark 1 and Mark 2 including GT, Lotus and 1600E]
Graham Robson
1982, MRP, 0-900549-68-8
This is the book I will be clutching as they take me from the driver's seat of my Cortina to the grave. There is a 2nd edition but really the 1st ed. Covers all we're interested in. Great information on the origins of the beast, as well as GT and Lotus lore.

Ford Cortina Tuning for Power and Performance
Jim Gavin
1972, Arlington Books, 0-85140-208-9
This is like a predecessor of "Ford Escort Rally Preparation" but aimed at the Cortina. Covers all stages of preparing a Mk.I or Mk.II for rallying or racing and has great photos of period Ford and other accessories. Tres rare.

'68 Cortina Service Specifications Maintenance & Lubrication (North American Edition)
Ford of Britain
Americanized quick reference to fluid specs and capacities. Good quick guide to torques and settings. Hard to find.

Ford Escort & Cortina [Guide to Purchase and DIY Restoration]
Kim Henson
?, Haynes, ?
This book gives a good all round look at Mk.I and Mk.II Cortinas (and Escorts) from a brief history and what to look out for when buying a Cortina, to how to perform certain mechanical tasks and doing some body work. The mechanical tasks covered are fairly well explained but not up to the level of a good workshop manual. As for the the hints on the body work it is quite good at showing how to perform certain tasks (such as removing and fitting a front guard). At the back of the book is a section covering all the paint and trim combinations available on British-built Cortinas and a section on all the mechanical specs of the cars. All in all I would say this is quite a good book, especially for someone about to join the Cortins throng.

I find this an excellent book and a source of inspiration. The major bodywork tasks undertaken and fully documented are most impressive. Even though I have been working on Cortinas (mainly III, IV and Vs) for about five years I would not really have previously considered some work prior to reading this book. It has also helped me keep up the momentum in getting my shabby Mk.II estate ready for the road.

Cortina Shop Manual (Mk.I and Mk.II editions)
Ford Australia
Out of print, prices range from A$20 (poor condition) to A$60 (mint).
Probably the most used book in our house, this book covers all aspects of Cortina repairs that you are likely to encounter and some you are likely to never encounter. Well worth buying as it is such a good reference when working on your vehicle. A word of warning when purchasing this book - Ford produced a few versions of these shop manuals, so make sure your car is covered.

Cortina Parts Catalogue (Mk.I and Mk.II editions)
Ford Australia
Out of print, prices range from A$30 to A$60 depending on condition.
It may be hard to get one of these catalogues, but if you can it is worth getting one. I have found this book of great assistance with my cars. It is a great reference as drawings of every part of a Cortina are included. The book also covers all model modifications over the life of the cars and gives dates when certain parts changed. One aspect of the book that is very good is the section covering the trim and paint combinations on Australian cars, and how to read the codes on the different types of Ford compliance plates. Again, be careful to make sure your vehicle is covered.

The History of Ford in Australia
Norm Darwin
1986, Eddie Ford Publications, 0-9592287-2-1
This is the only book I know of that contains any kind of history of the Cortina in Australia. It's a bit scattered in its approach and presentation, and while there's not that much info on Cortinas, there's more here than anywhere else. For the general Ford historian this book contain huge amounts of information, especially on Falcons and the early American-derived models. Still available in hard and softcover versions.

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