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Lots of people help with a site like this. Special mention to Paul Baldacchino. They're all mentioned in various places around the site, but here they all are in one place. These people had something to contribute, some a little, some a lot. I prefer not to put a numerical value on it. Thankyou:



  • Stefan Axelsson (Sweden)
  • Paul Baldacchino (Australia)
  • Jeff Bassinson (USA)
  • Tony Birch (Australia)
  • Kürt Bogaert (Belgium)
  • Ruud Bom (The Netherlands)
  • Tony Braam (New Zealand)
  • Andrew Brenson (UK)
  • Ron Bruner (USA)
  • Roger Cations (New Zealand)
  • Paul Charal (Australia)
  • Andrew Connochie (New Zealand)
  • Terry Conway (Australia)
  • Roland Dahlin (Finland)
  • Bob Dalton (UK)
  • Mike Drouin (USA)
  • Nathan Elder (Australia)
  • Par Engstrom (Sweden)
  • Jody Fonseca (USA)
  • Steve Fuller (UK)
  • Roger Gaunt (Australia)
  • Harry George Jr (USA)
  • Richard Gibson (USA)
  • Harald Hoogheimstra (The Netherlands)
  • Simon Horton (USA)
  • Richard Hudson (USA)
  • Javan Ivey (USA)
  • Jeremy Kendall (UK)
  • Neil Kenneady (Australia)
  • Myles H Kitchen (USA)
  • Jeff Lanz (Canada)
  • Graham Leaver (Australia)
  • James Murray (UK)
  • Ray Nilsson (Australia)
  • Graham Orchard (UK)
  • Bruce Phillips (Australia)
  • The Phoneman (UK)
  • Pinto (Sweden)
  • David Pretyman (Australia)
  • Drew Richards (Australia)
  • Tommy Sandham (UK)
  • Gary Saunderson (Australia)
  • Glenn Schiavo (USA)
  • Ron Schramm (USA)
  • Don Seributra (USA)
  • Ioram Shahar (USA)
  • Geoff Shirley & Julie Osborne (Australia)
  • Scott 'Goldfinger' Shisler (USA)
    (where's my CD, hmmm?!)
  • Dwayne Smith (Australia)
  • Jeff Stephens (USA)
  • Doug Thomas (USA)
  • Cliff Thompson
  • Glenn Thorpe (Australia)
  • Stephen Tonge (Sweden)
  • Tony Valster (New Zealand)
  • Mr Todd Walker (Australia)
  • Glenn Wallace (USA)
  • Peter Widelund (Sweden)
  • Charmari Wijayasiri (Australia)


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