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New! I have to assume this site is serious, but if you believe the social significance of the Cortina just isn't rated highly enough, I commend to you The World of Cortina! Learn about the prestige and status the Cortina brought to the town that spawned its name, and vice versa! And pick up a fridge magnet while you're at it.

Mk.I & Mk.II

  • A huge resource of technical info for Mk.Cortina owners has been put together by Tommy Sandham, the Cortina Mk.I Data Book. Check it out, it makes half of this site superfluous. If info's what you want, go here (UK). No sexy pictures like this site, just pure information. Very highly recommended. Don't hassle Tommy with all your questions though, he does have things to do, you know.
  • The new Classic Cortinas site covers all models from Mk.I through to the Mk.V, and includes a forum and chat (UK).
  • You can now talk the ear off other Cortina-heads at a new community page/forum called The Mk1 and Mk2 Ford Cortina Group.
  • Gary Delaney will draw your Cortina for you.
  • Custom Cortinas, where Wade will add pics of your car (Australia).
  • BuySellCortina is a new UK site with its main emphasis on trading, chat, events, current goings-on, etc. Worth checking out.
  • Bob Woolner has taken over Binnie Langley's old Mk.II Lotus-Cortina site, expanded the content, and renamed it New Cortinaland, which makes it sound like a 19th century colony in Africa. After a torrid time with ISPs it's up and happening.
  • Cortinas to Cortina d'Ampezzo - "Why? Because we're mad!" (UK)
  • Julie Osbourne & Geoff Shirley are on a quest to own every Mk.I in Australia, and have got their hands on over a dozen. I've managed to keep them away from my car so far. Have a look at their high-tech Nissan engined Mk.I, and read up on ID numbers, paint codes, and accessories. Look out for the bread van... (Australia)
  • Bertil Carlsson of Sweden used to rally Cortinas in the '60s and there are some great photos on his site.
  • Mk.I Cortina Page - Jeremy Kendall's tidy site with an especially good book list. (UK)
Mk.III - V
  • is a new Australian site, and well put together.
  • Bernd has a Ford Taunus website (Germany).
  • The new Classic Cortinas site covers all models from Mk.I through to the Mk.V, and includes a forum and chat (UK).
  • "It's worse than pox, haemophilia or anthrax, this is Tina Mania!" So says Stefan Curmi. If you don't think that's bad taste, go visit his Mk.3 Cortina site.
  • Keith Robinson has a Mk.3 Cortina GT page.
  • Aussie & Kiwi Cortina is all about the TC, TD, TE & TF Cortinas, as we like to call them. Mk.3 to Mk.5 for the rest of you.
  • David Griffith's 'Ford Cortina Mk3 Web Site' - his 'shrine to Ford's unjustly neglected classic'. Nice, with tongue firmly in cheek. (UK)
  • A Czech Web site about Mk.III Cortinas. Probably worth it if you're Czech.
  • For those of you who pine for more of the later Cortinas that aren't covered on this site, you can find a few pics 'n' things at Mark's Cortina Site. Lots of Aussie Cortina street machines.
  • The Taunus is a Cortina by another name... visit the Ford Taunus Homepage. (Germany)


Cortina Owners' Sites


  • The Prince of Heräkulma's official administrative vehicle is a Mk.II Cortina. Clearly the royal family doesn't tax the peasants and serfs enough. Visit the Transportation Options link (Finland).
  • Uffe Altin of 'Svenska Cortina Klubben' owns a much awarded 1965 Mk.I Deluxe two-door. It's called 'Wilma'. He named it after a DEAD WOMAN!
  • Have a look at Simon Horton's Rancho Cortina (USA).
  • Mike Loseke of the USA runs a very tidy looking modified Mk.II Cortina, which used to have early '80s Mustang mags!
  • See Arve Nilsen's 1966 Mk.I Cortina co-habitating Norway with a Jeep.
  • Pinto's (a.k.a. Gustaf Ulander) of Sweden loves his European Fords, including a tidy unrestored 1966 Deluxe Cortina.
  • Peter Widelund's homepage. Peter is another member of 'Svenska Cortina Klubben'. Check out his 2-door 1600E and Consul Capri, amongst his barn of Fords.


British & European Ford Sites


  • DriveArchive is a UK site designed to help you find your old wheels - is it still on the road, or in the crusher? All listed by rego number, nice idea.
  • British Fords - a great look at English Fords of the '50s through to the '70s, produced by Kürt Bogaert of Belgium. There are sections dedicated to the Anglia 100E, Cortina, Escort, Capri, Consul, Prefect, Popular, and Anglia 105E.
  • is the 'independent portal site about Ford of Europe'. Lots of links and very tidy.
  • Check out Peter Bramwell's tribute to Jim Clark, frequent racer of Cortinas.
  • George Nielsen can fill you in on XR Fords.
  • Wayne Reed of Australia likes club racing in Escorts. Check out Spanner Fodder for lots of forums relating to Escorts and classic Fords in general - good place to go asking questions.


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