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30 June 2009:
Will this site ever be updated? And what about that Marketplace, eh?!

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Histories - Mk.I, GT, GT 500 and Lotus-Cortina.
Histories - Mk.II, GT, 1600E/GTE and Lotus-Cortina.
LuMo, Savage, Crayford, Ogle GT, Bodycraft Fastback
Semi-regular feature cars.
Lots of pics.
Comprehensive worldwide listing.
Places to get stuff.
How to get something done.
What to look for when buying an early Cortina.
Buy and sell your cars and parts.
Listings and reviews, buy titles through Amazon.
Cortinas in scale.
Quicktime files, icons, swinging MP3, baby.
Trainspotter stuff, sightings of Cortinas in movies.
The real Cortina story as told by Cyril Saunders.
Other Cortina-related places to go.
Whose fault is this?

"Cool Cortina site. Could do with a bit more colour though."
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"This is the grousest site on the net! All the others suck!"
- Highly Literate, Sydney.

The Cortina came off the showroom floor on May 17, 1996
Last updated June 30, 2009

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