sean / guitarvox
tim / bassvox
noah / drums
nath / vox

The band formed in mid 2002 between friends Sean Daly (ex Antiskeptic) and the brothers Joe and Noah Symons (ex Hardly Normal). Originally it was intended to be a side project from their then current bands to explore a more melodic / hardcore sound heavily influenced by bands such as Grade, Poison the Well and Shai Hulud. The three would get together when Sean wasn't busy touring with Antiskeptic and make time somewhere between work, friends, study and other commitments to bust out sounds from Joe and Noah's basement in the quiet end of Melbourne's outer east. Just for fun and love of the art. They named themselves 'if pain persists'...

Late December '02 Sean decided to leave Antiskeptic and this would later provide him and the others time they all wanted to really engage the band and its potential. Early '03 Hardly Normal decided to call it a day, and this in turn brought with it a great deal more availability to write and jam the music they had been slowly developing. Ironically... again... a side project became the main project.

As things progressed, the band began to move away from the initial hardcore influence and into a more diverse and less aggressive rock feel which relies more on crafting dynamics, melodies and guitar sounds to provide an emo / core inspired heavy and gritty feel, without the previous metal edge. With leanings towards Further Seems Forever, Thursday and Rival Schools, the band set out to complete the line up with like minded characters finding Tim Brown (of former Mid City Crimestopper fame) on bass and friend Nathan Morel on vocal duties. After some intense writing sessions Sean and Noah emerged with 10 songs and decided to re-fit the band with material more deliberate, focused and joined to the members and the unique blend of characters and personalities therein. Much rehearsing followed and the sound begins to take shape.

Mid 2003, Joe decided to part ways with the band. It was a tough break but a positive departure and the guys were happy for him as he is to be married later in the year! The band pressed on as a four piece, rehearsing and re-writing material and preparing for the first batch of shows that slowly crept into the not so distant future... Harold and Blackstump! As time marched on the guys felt that the band name belonged to the older incarnation. The more heavier, metal edged and aggressive elements had faded and taken a backseat to newer and more indie ideas, which became more and more evident in each step the band took. So it was decided to change the name to 'sunsetsallday' before it got too established under the former title. 'sunsetsallday' was unanimously picked from a list which all members scrutinised for quite a while! It better fits the ideas and concepts behind the music, and is a step away from the hardcore/metal attitude of the former name.

To be continued...